Holistic Approach

Multiple Intelligence Approach

We empower children to learn in ways that suit them best, embracing the uniqueness of their potential. Our teachers streamline the learning process by teaching creatively using the 8 intelligences: Verbal Linguistic, Visual/Spatial, Bodily/Kinesthetic, Musical, Logical/mathematical, Interpersonal, Intrapersonal and Naturalistic.

Where Learning Meets Fun

Our Learning Centres enable children to learn through work and play, both independently and in small groups. Built around each child’s interests, curiosity and quest for knowledge, exploration is made easy with tangible learning materials.

Freedom to Explore

We encourage children to think and make decisions based on what intrigues or appeals to them. This fosters their learning spirit, keeping them motivated through inquiry, investigation, discovery, hands-on exploration, team building and problem-solving.

Holistic Approach

Our curriculum helps enrich your child in many ways by encouraging a well-rounded learning experience.

Holistic Approach

Mother Tongue Made Simple

We believe that learning the Chinese culture and Mother Tongue should be a fun experience for all children. Thus, we integrate language opportunities into their daily lives to help each child communicate comfortably.

Holistic Approach

Nurturing Positivity

Moral values play a pivotal role in the development of every child, as good character begins at an early age. We focus our efforts towards instilling values that nurture love, care, empathy and the spirit of giving.

Holistic Approach

Happy Bellies, Healthy Bodies

We work hand-in-hand with the Health Promotion Board to ensure our young learners receive the nutrition they need, with healthy and delicious meals from vegetarian breakfast, lunch and/or tea break.


Garden of Joy

At Adventist Schoolhouse, we are blessed with our own garden space where children learn and interact with nature.  This green classroom is an excellent space for them to observe the natural world using their senses. It is from these experiences that they learn to love and be responsible for nature.


Purposeful Classroom Experiences

We believe that kids learn better when given options to work with. Our classrooms are well-equipped, enabling children to freely express themselves and solve problems independently. This promotes a better understanding of various concepts taught in class.



The Wonderland is our private outdoor dry and wet playground space. It is also our children’s favourite learning space. The journey of learning is all about building from within, and it all starts with the desire to learn. This desire begins with having a sense of wonder.

Collaborative Learning

Collaboration with Parents

Nurturing children is a team effort. We work together with parents to build an effective support system for their children, encouraging reliable home-school partnerships and a healthy level of motivation for both parent and child.

Very Important Parents (VIP)

We want everyone to work and play together; the VIP programme is our way of getting parents to volunteer in the school’s activities. From arts and crafts to cooking and storytelling, they can familiarise themselves with the school as well as their child’s behaviour and group of friends. This promotes a better parent-child relationship which allows for added support and guidance.

Collaboration with Community

It’s important for children to feel that they belong to something greater, that’s why we provide opportunities for them to collaborate with the community. This fosters communal responsibility and graciousness through volunteering and helping others.

Collaborative Learning

Partnership through Mobile Application

To evolve with the Smart Nation movement, we’ve introduced a mobile app for parents to communicate with us seamlessly. This allows for an easier way to make fee payments and also track the performance of your child in school.

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