18 months – 2 years old

Our playgroup programme helps nurture your child’s social and communication skills through learn and play in a comfortable setting. They will be able to experience multi-sensorial ways to explore the world around them and build self-confidence with hands-on opportunities. We also include a fitness initiative to keep them sharp and aid in their overall well-being.


Pre Nursery

Year that the child
turns 3

With our pre-nursery class, children are able to learn basic life skills through thematic activities, both indoors and outdoors. We encourage them to express their creativity using music and movements, which help to develop fine motor skills at an early age. They also get to pick up Mandarin using song and rhyme, providing them with a solid foundation in a second language.



Year that the child
turns 4

A step up from pre-nursery, this is where your child discovers the larger world through literacy skills and maths in daily life. We implement the Concrete-Pictorial-Abstract as well as a synthetic phonic and reading programme for a child-friendly learning experience. Mandarin exercises are also conducted to develop a holistic understanding of the language.



Year that the child
turns 5

Diving deeper into linguistics and maths, our K1 programme expands on the nursery curriculum. Children get to build their literacy abilities and grasp mathematical concepts with a progressive approach to experiential learning, as well as explore interesting topics through child-initiated projects. But it’s not all work and no play – we also have a fitness regime and cookery class to develop a healthy mind and body for our young adventurers.



Year that the child
turns 6

Our K2 class is the most advanced syllabus we have to offer, preparing preschoolers for primary education. We bridge the gap through a stronger emphasis on maths, literacy skills and grammar, as well as a head start in mother tongue using Chinese phonics. An ICT integrated programme also helps to nurture the habit of self-learning in your child, empowering him or her to explore outside the classroom.

Lesson Hours

Full-Day Monday-Friday, 7am-7pm Operates according to child care holidays
Half-Day (AM) Monday-Friday, 7am-1pm Operates according to child care holidays



Admission for any academic year is according to the age set by the Ministry of Education (MOE). Age is calculated based on 2 January of the year of admission.

Registration for International Students

Foreigners (except those with a Dependant Pass/Immigration Exemption Order) are required to apply for a Student Pass. Please contact our Admin Officer at 6562 4932 or login to for more information.


Please make an admission appointment with our Admin Officer at 6562 4932 prior to your visit. We recommend bringing your child along to facilitate the process.

For a smooth experience, we seek your cooperation to follow the guidelines below.

Fees Payment
  1. A non-refundable Registration fee $108* for Citizen & PR, $216* for Dependant Pass holder is payable upon registration.
  2. A refundable deposit of 1 month’s school fee (excluding government subsidy) is payable upon registration. Terms & Conditions apply for this refundable deposit.
  3. The first month’s school fees must be paid by NETS / Baby Bonus NETS only. Subsequent monthly school fees must be paid by Baby Bonus (GIRO), Interbank GIRO or NETS.
  4. Singapore Citizen child can use the Baby Bonus to pay for the monthly fees.
  5. Singapore Citizen child will receive a subsidy given by MSF. The amount depends on the main applicant’s working status and the programme type that the child has been enrolled in. As per ECDA’s guidelines, child must attend the centre at least one day per month in order to be eligible for the monthly subsidy claim.

Please come to the centre with the following documents to register the child:

  1. Registration Form
  2. ECDA Form 1
  3. Direct Debit Authorization Application Form
  4. Name Badge Order Form

The original documents must be presented for verification purposes at the time of registration.

  1. Child’s birth certificate
  2. Child’s passport (foreigners only)
  3. Child’s Singapore Citizenship Certificate (if any)
  4. Child’s Re-entry Permit / Long Term Pass / Dependant Pass / Student Pass / Passport
  5. Child’s Immunization record (health booklet) and medical history if any
  6. Both parents’ NRIC/valid passes/passports
  7. Mother’s / Single father’s employment letter or salary slip (citizen only)
  8. Latest Notice Assessment (NOA) from Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore (IRAS) or Statutory Declaration (Self-employed mother/single father)
  9. Relevant legal documents to prove that the custody of the child is with the father (eg. Death certificate of mother, Deed of Separation, Divorce Petition)


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